Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Use your imagination!

In class today we have read the story of The Green Ship by Quentin Blake.   
We began by not knowing the title or author; only using the words and images. 

The story is written in the first person, from the point of view of a young boy with his sister or cousin Alice.  From the first few pages both children go exploring in search of an adventure. 
We plunged deeper and deeper into it.  We thought we were completely lost; then all at once we pushed aside a screen of branches and saw something absolutely astonishing.’

We were left on this cliff hanger!  From there we used our IMAGINATIONS to think of our own story and what was the ‘…something absolutely astonishing...’ that we saw. 

 We had a chance to add detail and discuss our story ideas and expand on them.

After reading the rest of The Green Ship, Mars went outside to forage for different materials (leaves, twigs) so that we could make our own version of a green ship or create our own story ideas. 



“Our Ice Castle is in Lolly Land, which comes from all our imaginations.” Isla, Olivia, Lanre, Iona. 

Using our images as a stimulus we wrote a descriptive paragraph that could be used in the story we would write.              

“It was the most fun art project, linked with English, I have ever done. It has given me lots of ideas for the story.” Zoe

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