Monday, 2 March 2015

Curriculum Week Adventures - Class Venus

Last week, our class was transformed into creative, magical and adventurous worlds! Venus had a fantastic Curriculum Week - here are the highlights!

Mandarin Monday started off our week! We learned about the traditions and customs of Chinese New Year and linked this with our growing understanding of the Mandarin language - Venus blew Miss Lee away with their knowledge of pronunciation and understanding of the language (be sure to ask your child to share this with you at home!).

We made good fortune envelopes for one another - passing on a prosperous start to the new year. Writing the English translation and Mandarin word with character - all done with ease by Venus!

We created artwork linking the importance of growth and new beginnings during Chinese New Year - 'Prosperity brings us blooming flowers' was our inspiration for flower blossom paintings (written in both English and Mandarin of course!)

We also learned about the Chinese calendar and zodiac animal signs - we explored to see if our personality was a match to our animal (we have both the year of the Dog and Rooster in Venus!) We ended the day with a mandarin orange surprise - a symbol and common food in households during Chinese New Year.

" Our flower blossom art was so fun to make - everyone's turned out so differently and beautiful' - Purple Table

Tuesday opened up the wonderful world of our imaginations! We were transported to the Planet Venus and working on two teams, created artwork and imaginative writing work to describe what it would be like. We extended each other's ideas by playing 'add to my imagination' - going off of  classmate's idea and seeing what we came up with! Such amazing team work and creative art pieces!

 We had a spectacular performance by West End in Schools - Space Jump was a huge highlight!
"The actors were so amazing at showing their emotion and story through singing and their bodies!" - Joseph

 We stepped through the magical wardrobe and into the captivating story of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We created mixed media art along with paragraph descriptions about what our magical land of Narnia would be like! We took pictures of ourselves and designed the setting with chalk pastels.
Joseph posing for his mixed media artwork -
what he looked like stepping into Narnia!

Wednesday was our Maths adventure! We set out to find the missing treasure of Mr. Axis - an old Head Teacher at Upland from 100 years ago. Using mapping and coordinate skills, we solved maths riddles to correctly map out our school grounds. We then followed coordinate clues which led us to the hidden old secret cookie recipe!

Mrs. Chandler and the boys hard at work graphing
favourite dessert data in triple bar graphs!
 We spent the afternoon baking and connecting fractions, measurement, and multiplication to our recipe - we have a class full of contestants for the next British Bake off!

Thursday was an exciting day - PE/Sports day with a special visit from Andy Barrow! With a focus on healthy lifestyle choices and nutrition, Venus looked at the affect of sugar on our bodies and teeth with an experiment involving our favourite sugary drinks and eggs (our teeth enamel!) and were surprised at the findings we made! Be sure to ask your child about the affect of sugar on our teeth!

What sugar in drinks can do to our teeth enamel!

We also performed a Healthy Rap - highlighting the importance of each food group. We thought about the amount of time we spend during the day being active and making healthy choices and made goals for ourselves on how to improve. Such a busy day!

 Venus became detectives on Friday, solving an Anglo Saxon mystery of The Empty Grave. after creating detective names, we worked with video clues, pictures, and historical artefacts to solve the mystery of an Anglo Saxon Kind! We hope you enjoyed the brooch's that made it home on Friday, as this was a common trade amoung the Anglo Saxon people. Writing secret messages in runes ended off our history day!

We had a busy, exciting, and explorative week!

Class Venus - What was your favourite part of Curriculum Week? Describe in detail! Post to the blog :)
Miss Lee

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