Friday, 27 November 2015

Haka dance during Venus assembly

The Haka dance is a dance that is danced by the Maori tribe in New Zealand; they did it before a fight and in Rugby.

The Haka has been altered through the ages, it is a very easy dance and we learned it. Our role in the assembly was to do a Prezi about the Haka because we wanted to take the chance to stand in front of everybody and show our learning in advance. We learned that speaking in front of everybody is not as easy as it looks,
And you must be careful, but the assembly on the whole was very good because it was something that had never happened in school and was a nice surprise to have an assembly done entirely by class Venus.

Theo: "My role was doing the Haka for our part.We did it for are assembly."

Finley: "My part was doing the Haka in our assembly. I was in the front."

Philip: "I liked the face paint and   the dance."

 George: "I liked it when we performed in front of nearly the whole school I felt really proud."

Philip: "I want to improve is the bit at the end of the dance."

George: "I really liked the assembly because we shared all of our learning to the school. "