Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Ms Goulet maths class do gymnastics together. Gymnastics helps us to be determined,healthy as well as having a great happy time. We are lucky enough to have our own gymnastics teacher who helps all during the class. 

Some of the things we do:

We all try to get to the top of the rope although  sometimes we don't succeed climbing to the top of the rope.
Everyone has tried to do a cartwheel sometimes we don't don't do one perfect, but we try to do one. We always help someone to do a cartwheel it they struggle to do a cartwheel.
Vault is something that everyone has done. At first it seems hard but it's easy to get the hang of it and once you get it you can start making harder moves. 
Beams are hard to look good on because they our hard to balance on so you have to keep your head up and arms straight. If you don't it's likely that you will fall off of the beam if you do this you will fall onto a mat so we don't hurt ourselves.
We always do our best to land in the right position  

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  1. Doing this is fun and it also tested our reflexes. I love gym!💪🏃