Friday, 15 April 2016

River pollution!!

In year 4 Venus we have been learning about the effect of river pollution.It was very fun.
We also learned that if you find pollution at the start of a river it can travel extremely quickly to different parts of the rivers.
During this lesson, we did a science experiment on how pollution can travel to each part of a river quickly.
We did the experiment by getting three cups of water and then getting plastic tubes full of water linking the cups together. Afterwards, we needed a jug for the source and then food colouring to represent pollution. 

Miss Goulet slowly poured it into the source (jug).Next we poured the source into the first part of the river (first cup) we watched the fist cup pollute the others.

We learned that a small amount of pollution will be spread to many parts of the river and even in the sea. 

Once all the cups were polluted, we tried to clean the water. We did not manage to completely clean the water. There were still food colouring in the cups. 


  1. we had lots of fun watching it

  2. This was fun . The orange food colouring represents pollution in the warter.

  3. i loved it and it was so cool how the water changed from clear water to brown water :D

  4. I had a lot of fun watching the water pollution

  5. It was awesome although ours din't work :D

  6. Hi guys I herd prince Harry fancy's someone:) LOL

  7. This was really awesome. We wanted the clear tap water turn from white to pink!

  8. I didn't realizse how much it would spread.