Monday, 10 October 2016

Office works!

Younes is trying to type with both hands. 
Today in ICT, at first we checked our emails and deleted the ones that we had.
Then, we learned how to use or work out to use Office Word. Afterwards, we typed up the work we have been working on in class.
Imogen can type whilst looking at the screen. 

The task in literacy was to write as if we were a friend of Varjak and we would advise him what to do. Here is an example of my work. I chose to write in red because the text is important and I want my audience to understand it is an emergency.

I order to have a good text, I have spelled checked my work. It is easy, Office Word shows you underlined in red the words that are misspelled.

Hannah Harris


  1. typing with both hands is complecated

  2. i agree with EPICyounes typing with both hands is very complicated

  3. I always do two fingers so... it was very complicated. But I think we did very well so, I'd pat myself on the back.

  4. Two hands are hard even if you do not look at the keyboard

  5. Well when you write with two hands it might be hard but it is not.