Friday, 7 October 2016

Varjak's quest in the city

In Literacy,  we are learning about Varjak Paw.

This cat has to learn how to fight. 

He always gets told off by his big muscly brother as well as by his father. Then, there's his mother saying "Darling wash your paws please".One of the Paw is called Jasmine, every single day she giggles and laughs. Varjak's brother is called Julius; you know he's one of those cats who flexes his muscles and has to talk about it every day and keeps on going on about it. He says "you know if you don't eat you won't grow muscles like me".

Euan tried to draw a city with lots of gloomy details. 
Elder paw tells stories about Jalal, he tells them to Varjak.
Varjak listens to the adventurous stories he loves them!

One night Varjak came out to the garden through the cat flap.Elder paw was at the end of the garden,Varjak rushed to him.Then the door opened, the man with the two black cats came in the garden. The man has been in the house before, this Elder Paw mentioned it, but we don't know what he will do to Varjak..... He is the only who can save his family...

Lois wonders if she has shown the city like Varjak would see it. 
As part of our literacy lesson, we have drawn what Varjak can see now that he is in the city looking for a "dog" to fight the man. After swapping drawings, we used expanded noun phrases to describe the drawing. It was a fun game to be able to find 


  1. very well said Faye and Jordan. I love drawing the pictures especially because I am very artistic. Very good

  2. Wow!I think this is so cool well done all.Your skills are amazing

  3. An EPIC picture of the hut house inside Louis.