Tuesday, 21 February 2017

All the colours of the rainbow make me feel dizzy

On Monday, as part of our literacy work, still working on the Story Machine, we have used a website in order to create a shape with our poems. 

We wrote poems associating colours and emotions in our literacy lessons. Afterwards, we had to make the poem come to life, just like Elliott in the book the Story Machine who once he started typing on his machine, there were pictures appearing. 

Using the website http://tholman.com/texter/ we used our colour for our poem as the background and then created shapes with the words. 

It is a very fun website, but once you make a mistake you cannot erase it, you have to start over. Some children in the class had to start again 5 times!!!

When creating our shape, we learned that it was important to keep in mind who it was presented to. In order to make it interesting, I did a slushie with blueberries coming out of it. 

As a class, we decided to share as many as possible of our work on the blog since it is a safe place to promote our work. As a challenge, we have to try to make some pictures at home and publish it in the comments. 

Can you notice the blueberries around my Slushie?

Roxana made a cool flower

It is original how Joseph made a mouth


  1. I have done a poem it was about yellow and i did a circle

  2. Great work Roxana,Joseph and Faye! I was just doing the work and since i finished, i wanted to look at a appealing post, this was the appealing post! Again, this is GREAT!

  3. i think this was really annoying using texter since every single time you muck something up you start all over again so i'm saying goodbye for it

  4. This was totally AMAZING, even more fun than anything Iv'e done in my life before. I did a flower, surrounded by a larger flower and it made a stanza from my poem using words! My picture is made out of words!! I just don't believe it! I'm lost for words! (Literally)