Monday, 20 November 2017

Equalities week: Gender

This afternoon we spoke about what we expect boys/men and girls/women to be like. It was interesting to see that some people think that women can’t do certain jobs, but also that men can’t do things like design clothes or do make up.

We looked at the plots from Disney films and noticed that most of the heroes are men, but also that even if the hero is a heroine then she usually has to give something up, like Rapunzel in Tangled who saved Finn but has to giver up her magical hair. However it’s not just the woman who aren’t portrayed fairly. The men in Disney films tend to be huge and so much larger than the female characters.

We watched Brave, which is a Disney film about a Scottish princess called Merida. She isn’t your usual princess, and has messy hair and loves to fight. Then we designed our own Disney hero.

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