Thursday, 6 July 2017

In outdoor week we have been doing some activities
like making flat bread , rock climbing , canoeing  and bug hotel. When we made the flat bread we remembered from last year that we shouldn't add to much salt. We worked in partners one held the bag whilst the other squeezed it. When the dough was a yellow sort of color we got it out and squished it. Then we split it into two parts and flatted it out. She said that the thinner you make it the quicker it will cook.

 The rock climbing was amazing. You had to get to the top and when you did you had to press a buzzer which mad a beep sound. This would let people know that they had got to the top and they were coming down. The man said that we had to face the wall when we came down. Everyone was helping each other in different ways.

 The canoeing was brilliant!! We were in mixed groups of 8. All of us had to paddle. Forward we had to paddle forward. Backwards we had to paddle backwards. To turn one side had to go forwards and the other has to go backwards. Opposite way is to turn the opposite way.

 Finally, the bug hotel was really good. So we found fallen of twigs . When we had found them we put them in a wooden pallet. The women told us that they like it very dark so they don`t get burnt. We found big twigs that were big and she told us to put them at the side.

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  1. The Flatbreads were delicious . I really want more of that sweet taste it gives you.